BY ROWENA CROSBIE, president, Tero International

Nothing can shake someone’s confidence like change can. The ambiguity and uncertainty involved in change causes real stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety can rob us of our energy and how we see ourselves, as well as how others see us if we don’t manage it. 

How can we handle and manage this inevitable stress?

How can we respond confidently to the inevitable changes we will undergo in life? 

Here are three ways to stay confident through times of change:

  • Accept upfront there are things you cannot control and things do not always stay the same. Let go of the idea you should never be uncertain! Many of us hold beliefs that hold us back. We probably cannot control a change we are presented with, or the initial uncertainty we feel, but we can control how we think about the change. Using our imagination to positively visualize a good outcome can replace uncertainty with a clear picture and goal. 
  • Remember you have faced uncertainty and change before. Don’t suffer from hindsight bias. This is when we look back and assume everything in the past was certain. That isn’t true for anyone. Change and the uncertainty it brings have been in your life before and you were able to get through it. Write down and reflect on times in your life when you conquered uncertainty to achieve your goals. Remembering will help you be confident now.
  • Be confident that a little uncertainty is actually good for you! Uncertainty can mobilize us for actions we wouldn’t otherwise take. It is a springboard to our future better self. Confidently moving forward during times of change will keep us from avoiding change and the negative consequences of not being able to grow.

Rowena Crosbie

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