BY DENNY FISHER, Chief Client Experience Officer, ACS

Just like Maverick had Goose, your business needs a wingman, and that wingman is technology. Technology can help attract new revenue, protect you from threats and create more efficient processes. Read on to see why technology is the ultimate wingman for businesses.

Increase Revenue

Business intelligence platforms allow organizations to capture and leverage data easier than ever before. Gone are the days of endless Excel spreadsheets where only a person with a knack for numbers could understand the information. Platforms now allow you to input real-time data and visually see patterns and trends for analysis. New systems are coming out every day that go one step further, implementing machine learning and AI techniques to provide predictive analytics so you can be one step ahead of the game. All of these technologies are more accessible and economical than you might think.

These insights can be used to identify new markets, improve existing products and services, cut activities with low profitability, and influence other critical decisions.

Mitigate Risk

It’s no secret that cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated. At the same time, consumers are demanding increased security of their information. Cybersecurity can be addressed in three ways: training, policies and technology. You can’t fight cyberthreats with training and policies alone; you need technology for a comprehensive strategy. Cybersecurity technologies not only protect against outside threats but also protect against threats from disgruntled employees.

Reduce Costs

In the past year, we’ve seen how telecommunication technology can nearly obliterate travel costs for an organization. Meetings and interactions that used to take place in person are now able to happen across the globe remotely through telecommunication technologies. Another cost reduction strategy is integrating internal systems so that data can be shared across platforms. This allows the organization to reduce duplicate data entry and identify areas of improvement.

These are just a few areas where technology can quickly make an impact on an organization. When used correctly, technology can be the key to unlocking the unleashed potential in your employees, the market and your business.  

Denny Fisher, Chief Client Experience Officer, ACS
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