BY DENNY FISHER, Chief Client Experience Officer, ACS

Organizational security is not the job of the IT manager, CIO, CTO or any single person in a company. The entire organization must be aligned as a team to protect your business.

Most successful organizations augment their IT staff with the following “team” members to maximize protection and minimize risk:

  • Educated Employees: Employees are the most critical and most vulnerable part of your security team. Eighty-five percent of data breaches result from employee actions. Regular security awareness training and phishing tests will ensure employees are aware of risks and educated to make the right decisions.
  • Trusted Technology Partner: A third-party partner serves as an adviser and outlet for recommendations, remediation and incident response.
  • Security Operations Center: A managed detection and response service that leverages your existing technology stack to gain broad visibility across attack surfaces: endpoints, network, cloud, identity and human. Monitoring 24/7 to catch suspicious activity before it wreaks havoc in your business.
  •  CISO/V(virtual)CISO: A chief information security officer is responsible for leading both the strategic and tactical security plan, testing, response, and overall readiness. Whether your CISO is in-house or a virtual extension of your team, this critical team member works with stakeholders and team members to build and execute your overall strategy.

It is never too late to evaluate your security team. Are you arming them with the right tools, resources and education?

Denny Fisher, Chief Client Experience Officer, ACS
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